Terms and Conditions

You must be of the legal age to purchase alcohol (18 years of age in the United Kingdom)

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Our Guarantee

We are proud to only source wines which are outstanding in their category and, by dealing direct with the grower and keeping overheads low, we are able to offer them to you at the most competitive price. We will replace or credit wine which, for any reason, fails to give satisfaction within a month of purchase. Simply return it to us at our office address and we will credit your account. Please note that this does not apply to wines that have been shipped outside the UK mainland.

Payment Terms, Prices and Title

Prices in our 2018 Selection are quoted in pounds sterling inclusive of UK Duty and VAT listed per bottle and per case. The current rate of VAT* in the UK is 20% and Duty* rates are: £26.78 per case of 12 (£13.39 per case of 6) for still wine, £34.30 per case of 12 (£17.15 per case of 6) for sparkling wine and Champagne and £35.70 per case of 12 (£17.85 per case of 6) for Port. Duty is subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and both Duty and VAT rates will change in line with UK law. Payment for your first order with Private Cellar Ltd must be received before the goods are despatched. Title of all goods invoiced shall be retained by Private Cellar Ltd until payment in full settlement of the related invoice has been received. The information provided in our wine lists and on our website is for general information and does not form part of any contract. Products, vintages and prices may change throughout the life of a wine list.  (* updated April 2019)

Prices on our Fine Wine List are offered in pounds sterling, per case or unit as indicated, exclusive of VAT (DP) and exclusive of Duty and VAT (IB) as indicated, and exclusive of delivery.

Orders may be placed by telephone, e-mail or post and verbal acceptance by Private Cellar shall constitute a contract which will then be confirmed with the issue of an invoice. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, cheque [payable to Private Cellar Ltd] or by Visa, MasterCard or debit card. For credit and debit card payments the amount will be debited at the time of order. If settling your account by direct bank transfer, please reference your payment with your Private Cellar Ltd account number, which you will find on your invoice. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash settlement for amounts in excess of £2,000. Please do not send cash through the post.

Private Cellar Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts and/or to resume possession of the goods to which those overdue accounts relate.

If, for any reason, we are unable to fulfil your order we will notify you as soon as possible, giving you the option to cancel your order or to accept a replacement of at least equal quality and value. Where it is not possible to replace the products, all sums already paid by you will be refunded.

If any wines purchased from The Private Cellar Selection (our every day wine list) are found to be faulty or if a delivery is damaged on receipt, we will replace the wine or credit your account to the value of the original purchase providing the bottles are returned to us within one month. Please notify us on 01353 721 999 if you wish to make a return, letting us know the reason for it. Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Condition of wines on the fine wine list: We take the provenance of all the fine wines we list very seriously and aim to know the complete history of them. We do not list US strip-labelled wines or stock that has travelled to the US or Asia and back. Nor do we buy wine at auction. As a result problems with the condition of wines rarely occur. However, if there is a problem with the condition of a wine, we are not able to guarantee the authenticity or quality of these wines and our customers have to accept that they are sold in the condition that is expected of them according to their age, vintage and general condition. We regret that given the nature of the wines we sell, we do not refund “corked” wines. Photographs of fine wines can be requested prior to purchase.

Any orders destined for export must be paid for in full before the goods are released for shipment. Please note that once a consignment has left the UK mainland we are not responsible for the quality of the shipment on arrival at its final destination (see Our Guarantee above).

Delivery in England and Wales

Delivery is free of charge for 24 bottles or more in mainland England and Wales. All other deliveries in this area are charged at £15.00 including VAT. For deliveries outside mainland England and Wales, please telephone us on 01353 721 999 for a quotation. Please note that additional delivery charges may apply to deliveries to Scotland, the Highlands and Islands. Please ask for a quotation when placing your order.

We are unable to guarantee a specific delivery time. Our specialist carriers can only deliver when a signature for receipt is obtainable. If a customer gives a specific instruction to leave the wine without a signature being obtained or to leave the wine at an alternative address or location, we cannot accept responsibility for any consequential loss or damage.

Claims for breakages will only be considered if notice of the claim is given to us within three days of receipt of the consignment. Breakages must be retained with the packaging for examination by the carrier. Should a consignment not be received within ten days of order, we must be informed immediately on 01353 721 999 unless we have advised you of a delay in delivery or the wines are purchased lying overseas for delivery upon shipment. Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Reserve Storage (Private Cellar Reserves LLP) and En Primeur

1. Private Cellar Reserves LLP is a separate business set up to provide a storage and insurance service for Private Cellar customers. Wines in the Private Cellar Reserves LLP account are uniquely coded and each case is referenced unambiguously to its owner. Individual stock records are maintained and the wines are stored in the specialist wine storage facility of Vinothèque, Staffordshire. Wine can be stored In Bond or Duty Paid.

2. Storage Charge: Our storage year runs from 1st April - 31st March and our fee includes insurance at replacement value (excluding mixed cases). Charges are rendered annually in arrears, or when the wine is delivered, for the year or part year. Our storage charge for the year 2019-2020 is £5.70 per case of 6 bottles (£11.40 per case of 12 bottles), excluding VAT. Storage is not charged on wines lying overseas.

A list of reserves will be sent to each customer annually in April, with the invoice for storage and insurance. That invoice shows details of wines and drinking dates. The drinking dates are for guidance and will depend on your personal preference and we do ask you to speak with your salesman for bespoke advice regarding the wines that you own.

Payment terms for rental and insurance invoices are upon presentation of invoice. We reserve the right to exercise a lien over stock and/or to sell some or all of a customer’s reserves and to deduct from the proceeds of this sale any outstanding storage and insurance charges or other amounts due.

Reserves are insured against all risks of physical loss or damage as at the date of such loss or damage, subject to the policy terms and conditions. Storage and insurance charges will be reviewed annually.

All of our storage customers are able to access our on-line customer reserves portal at www.privatecellarreserves.co.uk, in association with Wine Owners, where you can view your cellar, see current market values for your wines and more. To access this service, please ask us for your username and log-in details by emailing laura@privatecellar.co.uk and she will be happy to set you up. The current market price shown on our reserve portal is calculated by taking the most competitive UK market price available and we hope that you find this useful for guidance purposes.

It is worth pointing out that more recent vintages will usually be valued at release price or lower until the wines are physically shipped and more active trading begins. Where no value is shown (marked n/a), we are unable to match your wine with current market data but if you would like us to research values for these wines, please do not hesitate to ask.

3. Delivery ex-Reserve: A delivery charge will be payable for wines withdrawn ex-Reserve and for wines purchased en primeur. Delivery within mainland UK, from reserve, will be charged at cost price as follows:

- £12.50 plus VAT for a single case
- at cost for 2 or more cases, please ask for a quote

For deliveries to Scotland and the Islands, please ask us for a quotation when withdrawing your reserves. Withdrawals from reserve may be made in multiples of one or more cases on receipt of your written instruction. In the case of wines held in joint names, we must receive written instructions signed by both parties. Duty and VAT must be paid before wines are delivered ex-reserve.

4. Storage of wines purchased from other wine merchants: We are happy to store wines purchased elsewhere but must insist on all information being sent to us in advance of delivery/transfer to our account at Vinothèque. Please download our transfer guide from our website or ask us to send you a copy, before issuing a transfer instruction to another merchant/Bond. Receiving, handling and labelling will be charged to cover administrative and Bond costs for the landing of the stock. Our current charge for this is £5.00 per case or part case, excluding VAT.

In the case of wines transferred for storage from an external source (i.e.: not purchased from Private Cellar Ltd), cases will be inspected from the outside but will not be opened for inspection, unless requested by the customer. If instructed by the owner, we will open, inspect and photograph the bottle at a cost of £7.75 + VAT per case. All cases submitted for storage will be delivered back to the customer in the same packaging as it was received in, unless sold or an alternative arrangement has been made. Private Cellar cannot be held responsible for the condition of wines purchased from external sources.

5. Valuations: We offer a portfolio valuation service for large collections using independent data for the provision of market prices, chargeable at cost. We can also offer expert advice on the management of your wine collection. Please contact us for a quotation.

6. Photographing your wine: Unless requested by the customer we do not open cases of wine transferred from other wine merchants or storage facilities; we simply inspect the outside. If you would like a photographic record of the bottles that we store for you, whether purchased from Private Cellar or elsewhere, this can be arranged for you. We simply pass on to you our own cost price of £8 + VAT per case or part case for this service.

7. View your wine: We can arrange for you to inspect your wine, by appointment.

8. Sell your wine: We are pleased to offer advice on your wine collection (whether stored with us or elsewhere) and to sell wines on your behalf through our fine wine lists. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

9. En Primeur: Wines purchased en primeur i.e. prior to being bottled and shipped, will be delivered up to 24 months after release, depending on the region. Prices for wines sold en primeur are quoted “In Bond London”, exclusive of Duty and VAT but including shipping to the UK. Payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted are per case of 12 bottles. Cancellation of an order for en primeur wines will be accepted by Private Cellar only if made within fourteen working days from receipt of your invoice, in writing, to our office address.

Please confirm your eventual delivery instructions at the time of your order. When shipped, your wines can be delivered to you and you will be invoiced for Duty, VAT and onward delivery at the prevailing rate. Payment for Duty and VAT must be received by Private Cellar prior to delivery of the wines. Alternatively, your wines can be stored Under Bond in the Private Cellar Reserves LLP account at Vinothèque, for an annual storage and insurance fee (see above).

Private Cellar reserves the right to reimburse / credit the customer at replacement or current market value for wine purchased en primeur and subsequently returned after delivery to the customer, not its original purchase price.

Private Cellar has many years of experience in providing advice for our customers on the use of wine as an alternative form of investment. Advice that we may give on investment does not constitute a binding agreement and customers must be aware that the market for wine can be volatile and no guarantees can be given on likely returns.

These Terms and Conditions and all contracts entered into are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Customers must be of the legal age to purchase alcohol in their country (18 years old in the UK) and by ordering from Private Cellar a customer confirms that s/he is of the applicable age limit. These terms and conditions and all our contracts are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations caused by circumstances beyond our control. If any provision of these terms and conditions is found by a court to be invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the remainder of these terms and conditions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

All purchases from Private Cellar are subject to these terms and conditions.

Please drink responsibly, visit www.drinkaware.co.uk for the facts.


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