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Storage (Private Cellar Reserves LLP)

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Private Cellar Reserves Brochure

Whether you are looking to store wines purchased from us or elsewhere (under bond or duty paid), Private Cellar Reserves offers a complete storage solution.

Private Cellar Reserves LLP is a separate, non-trading company set up to provide a storage and insurance service for Private Cellar customers. Wines in the Private Cellar Reserves LLP account are uniquely coded and each case is referenced unambiguously to its owner. Individual stock records are maintained and the wines are stored in the specialist wine storage facility of Vinothèque, managed by London City Bond Limited.

A list of reserves will be sent to each customer annually in April, with the invoice for storage and insurance. That invoice shows details of wines and drinking dates. The drinking dates are for guidance and will depend on your personal preference and we do ask you to speak with your salesman for bespoke advice regarding the wines that you own.

All of our storage customers are able to access our on-line customer reserves portal at, in association with Wine Owners, where you can view your cellar, see current market values for your wines and more. To access this service, please ask us for your username and log-in details by emailing and she will be happy to set you up. The current market price shown on our reserve portal is calculated by taking the most competitive UK market price available and we hope that you find this useful for guidance purposes. It is worth pointing out that more recent vintages will usually be valued at release price or lower until the wines are physically shipped and more active trading begins. Where no value is shown (marked n/a), we are unable to match your wine with current market data but if you would like us to research values for these wines, please do not hesitate to ask.

For customers wishing to keep all of their wine purchases together, we are happy to store wines purchased elsewhere but must insist on all information being sent to us in advance of delivery/transfer to our account at Vinothèque. Please download our transfer guide, or ask us to send you a copy, before issuing a transfer instruction to another merchant/Bond. Receiving, handling and labelling will be charged to cover administrative and Bond costs for the landing of the stock.

Current Charges

2019/2020 storage charge per case per year (or part year): £5.70 per six bottles, excluding VAT (£11.40 per 12 bottles excluding VAT)
Landing charge for wines purchased elsewhere: £5.00 per case excluding VAT

Our rental year runs from 1st April to 31st March and charges are rendered annually in arrears, or when the wine is delivered.

Please see our terms and conditions.

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