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To buy or sell Fine Wine, please contact:

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Amanda Skinner on   01353 721 999
Andrew Gordon on   01353 721 999
Laura Taylor on   01353 721 999
Camilla Shepherd on   01353 721 999
Charlie Stanley-Evans on   01353 721 999
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The Private Cellar Fine Wine List has become a well-established feature in our overall offering.  You can view the regularly updated list by clicking on the files above or you can ask to have it e-mailed to you every month (please email to set this up).

Sourcing and Provenance

With our combined history in the fine wine arena, working for the top UK firms, including Corney & Barrow, John Armit Wines and Lay & Wheeler, we have had the privilege of helping many hundreds of wine lovers to build their collections. As customers’ drinking tastes and habits change, they often find themselves with surplus wine or wanting to create a different balance of styles and our Fine Wine List provides the ideal vehicle for marketing and selling this stock. In many instances, having sold the wines in the first place and knowing the exact whereabouts and the conditions of their storage in the intervening years, we can offer a cast-iron guarantee of provenance. If we sell on behalf of customers who have taken delivery of their wines, one of us will have personally inspected their cellar, so you can rest assured that if such a cellar is perfect for wine storage but rather damp, affecting the labels cosmetically, we’ll know that and we’ll give you that information on the list. We always ask our customers for the source of the wine if we haven’t sold it to them in the first place and we never mix bottles from different sources to make up cases. We are always happy to answer specific questions about any of the wines we list and to provide photographs, which we routinely do, for older wines.

What’s on the list?

One customer’s idea of Fine Wine is another person’s everyday wine so our list comprises a wide range of prices and styles, with the aim of there being something for everyone. Usually dominated by Red Bordeaux and Burgundy, there is still a representation from all regions of the wine producing world and we include “Bin Ends” in the form of small quantities of older vintages from the Private Cellar annual selections as well, which offer excellent value for money. We also regularly receive offers of special parcels from a myriad of Châteaux, Domaines and Wineries and those parcels will often be marketed through the Fine Wine List.


This list is still requested most often and used as a source by the international trade but the price to them is the same to you, reflecting the market/trade price.

Try us out!

If you have wine to sell and would like to take advantage of our advice and help in re-balancing your collection please give us a call. We give you a step by step guide to the process on our website in the Fine Wine List section.

Selling wine?

If you’d like some advice on rationalising your collection or if you would like us to sell wine on your behalf through our Fine Wine List, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us and we will give you details of how we can help you. Click here for our Broking Terms & Conditions. Please note that prices on our Fine Wine list are quoted excluding Duty and VAT (IB) or excluding VAT (DP). By downloading our Fine Wine List you agree to our general Terms and Conditions.

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